Welcome to the home of Cat Aura Tarot and Chakra Healing Tarot, and all things personally empowering.

This space is created by an intersectional experienced leader and professor who is also a writer, certified Reiki Master, NLP Master Practitioner and experienced Tarot reader.

Fool card from Chakra Healing Tarot. A figure stands on a rocky lookout, surveying mountains, a forest, a body of water, and pinkish clouds above. A rainbow glows down on the figure, the colours aligning with the chakra jewels on the person.
Fool card in Chakra Healing Tarot

The blog posts and products here are designed to help folks rediscover the inner power that has always been within them.

This space is inclusive of all gender and sexual identities and expressions.

What to do next?

Have fun checking out the goodness! Blessings and empowerment to you.

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