11 Days Of Gratitude

It’s a scientifically proven fact. Gratitude increases happiness and reduces depression. (Don’t believe me? Look it up. You can also check out my other holiday posts here and here).

So let’s gratitude together for the next 11 days!

I’m kicking off these 11 days of gratitude because the holidays are coming up and some folks are getting stressed. 

Listen, I’m all for exchanging gifts. Gifts themselves are not the issue. It’s the mindset that matters.

Without spending too much time on the issue (because I’d like to keep us focused on the solution!), common areas of stress at the holidays tend to boil down to lack or fear-based choices.

We’ve all been there at some point. And perhaps some of you reading this are there now.

  • “If I just had that romantic relationship, then the holidays would be perfect.”
  • “It’s all these stressful family dynamics, otherwise the holidays would be just fine.”
  • “The holidays would be way less stressful if I had more money.”
  • “I just don’t have enough time.”

Here’s what to do.


No, it’s not cliche.

And it’s not fluffy.

If you notice those thoughts coming up, it’s worthwhile questioning whether there is perhaps some fear-based resistance going on. 

Because perhaps, deep down you know that shifting to a mindset of choosing gratitude could in fact have a significant effect on your life experience.  


So let’s do gratitude together. It’s SCIENCE after all!

And for those more spiritually inclined, gratitude raises our vibration to bring us more into alignment with our most healed and powerful versions of ourselves.

Beginner version

Every day, find ONE THING you’re grateful for. That’s it!

You can hop onto my Stories on Instagram and share your gratitude stories with me!

Advanced version

Every day, the MOMENT you notice yourself sliding into a thought that isn’t serving you, catch yourself, shake it off and notice a NEW thought of something that you’re grateful for.

You can also check out my daily posts and share yours through that too!

So let’s get out there and have an empowered holiday season.

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