A Love Letter To The Tarot Community

You know what I love about the Tarot community (and really, the whole divination community)?

We are a community of people with a growth mindset. Even if you didn’t realize that, prior to now. Whether you’re a predictive reader, intuitive reader, or however you identify as a diviner. Think of how often you look to Tarot spreads for deep introspection and reflection on how we can learn and grow. That’s a growth mindset.

We are also a community of empaths, and each empath has been through a LOT. You’ve been heartbroken, betrayed, misused. Unseen, mistreated, misunderstood

And yet you show up for yourself in your relationship with the cards.

To better understand yourself and get a new perspective on your situation. And then to explore how you can grow, adapt, and support yourself to reach a new place on your journey.

Do you know how much courage that shows? That is something amazing to be really proud of. You wade into the space that provides you new ways of seeing things, which inherently involves change. Change can feel scary, but you wade in anyway.

Do you know how courageous, beautiful, and powerful that makes you?


You are.

I know that even if you don’t fully see that now, you will see it.

I am so thankful for the Tarot and the entire divination community. I am proud to be part of this community.

What do YOU most love about the Tarot and divination community?

With love,

Malumir R. Logan, Chakra Healing Tarot Creatrix

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