A Message On Why Growth Mindset Matters Now More Than Ever

I have a slightly longer message today and I hope you’ll hear me out. 

It has been quite a week. Everyone is feeling and navigating a lot right now, and for different reasons.

The other day I had a conversation with someone on how much I appreciated a Tarot spread she created on white privilege.

First, a bit of background

I have always identified as mixed. My ancestry is half Scottish and half Chinese. There is just as much Chinese ancestry as there is Scottish. I don’t identify as white. But most people perceive me as white.

Except at the airport where I’ve repeatedly experienced racial profiling (as perceived Middle Eastern, due to my olive toned skin, dark hair and non-anglicized first name. And yet I also do not identify as Middle Eastern).

What does this mean? It means I have white privilege (well, except at the airport).

Privilege and power

Privilege means inherently having rights and endowments that have not been earned or chosen. Which happens and obviously you had no choice. 

The thing that accompanies privilege is power. Even if you believe your power is limited. 

If you are perceived as white or non-BIPOC (see this other post for what that means if you’re not sure), your experience of daily life is indeed different.

And for my fellow Canadians – we know that racism isn’t just a US thing. Nor are other heinous forms of discrimination and oppression.

It happens here too and it’s unacceptable. I strongly suggest becoming more aware of the context here in Canada. 

Non-BIPOC, non-white?

If you’re non-BIPOC and not sure what to do? What if you don’t identify as white or BIPOC?

I’ve spoken with a number of non-BIPOC, non-white folks who also aren’t quite sure what to do right now. 

The most important practice will be that of a growth mindset.

Why? Lots of folks are afraid right now of saying or doing the wrong thing. That will happen.

But a growth mindset will be the thing that helps you to both navigate the coming time, and to contribute to system change

I encourage you to read more of my content and other growth mindset content to develop this skill. And growth mindset IS a skill.

While you’re developing that skill, do some research on things you can do; organizations to which you can donate; ways you can volunteer; ways you can use your voice to amplify voices that haven’t had the same volume or access; and become more aware of the privilege we have. 

This space continues to be inclusive of you and your diversity. 

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