A Simple Message

Just a simple message this week.

And even simple messages can be meaningful.

This week, my encouragement to you is simply to be good to yourself.

That’s all.

In fact, let’s do that right here, right now.

Take a nice, easy breath in.

Let that breath flow right out.

Take another easy breath in.

Sigh it all out.

Now notice, what is one simple thing you have on hand in your home that you’d really like to make use of for yourself right now?

  • Maybe it’s a nice bath kit or bath “bomb” or epsom salts.
  • Perhaps that new tin of tea you haven’t opened yet.
  • Or maybe that recipe you really want to try.
  • What else? Just notice.

Now go ahead and do that thing for yourself.

This long weekend, be good to yourself. And then notice where in your body you feel it when you’re good to yourself.

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Rest up (and see if you can have some fun).

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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