A Solstice Tarot Spread (Summer Or Winter)

This solstice Tarot spread has been designed to support you whether it is the summer OR winter solstice where you are!

Here are the steps:

Your Future Peace, Alignment and Harmony

Shuffle the deck as you imagine what life feels like, a few months from now, when you feel an inner sense of genuine peace, alignment, and everything inside of you just feels like, “yes!”

Continue to imagine this, allowing whatever emotions, visuals, symbols, colours, smells, sounds — to come to mind. Really allow yourself to immerse yourself in noticing what it feels like when you are at peace, aligned with your whole self, and everything in you feels like, “Yes!”

Find the Sun and Support

Stop shuffling and turn the deck face up. Begin to look through the deck to find the Sun card. When you find the Sun card, also pull out the card that comes before it and after it in the deck. Watch the video below to see an example of looking for the Sun card and the cards before and after it in Cat Aura Tarot deck.

Also, note that you can decide whether the card on the left is “before” or “after” – if you’re an English speaker, for example, you’re more likely to feel that the card on the left of the Sun card is “before” and the card on the right of the Sun card is “after,” but you can also reverse this if it makes more sense to you. Just make a note of which is your “before” card and which is your “after” card.

Lay these three cards down and take a moment to allow yourself to notice the details, take in the scenes. Below are the cards I pulled, but obviously you should pull your own cards from whatever deck you’re using.

Example of the Solstice spread with cards from Cat Aura Tarot: The Sun card is in the middle with the 6 of Chalices to the left and Queen of Wands to the right. The cards rest on a creamy, fluffy surface, surrounded by crystals and a cat-shaped pendulum

Pause and Reflect

Do some journaling on whatever’s popping into your mind. Whatever it is, just jot it down. Every observation counts.

Create Your Affirmation

For the card that came before the Sun card, you’re going to use this card as inspiration to create an affirmation for yourself. Look at the card and notice what words come to mind in a way that is positive.

For example, if the card you pulled was the 3 of Swords, you could write your affirmation in a way that’s goes something like, “I welcome and embrace all of my emotions, and I honour even the hardest emotions as much as the harmonious emotions.”

Or, if you pulled the Chariot card your affirmation could read, “I make decisions that are best aligned with my long-term journey, even if I have to leave what’s known behind.” Jot down your affirmation in your journal or app. Just make sure your affirmation builds you up.

Choose Your Daily Action

Next, look at the card that came after the Sun card, and come up with a daily action to take based on this card. The daily action can be inspired by things that you notice on the card, or other ideas that pop into your mind when you look at the card.

For example, if you pull the Ace of Chalices (Cups), your action may be to drink a glass of water every morning.

Or, if you pull the 9 of Swords, your action could be to write down nine things every day that you like about yourself or that you are grateful for, even if it feels hard to do.

Just make sure that the action you are taking is safe, respectful and feasible (although it should go without saying, the idea is to do positive things that are helping yourself to heal and uplift you toward your goals).

Wrap Up + Do Your Affirmation and Action for A Week

Write all of this into your journal or journaling app and be sure to revisit this journal entry every day for one week. Gently repeat your affirmation and take the action that you selected.

Before you wrap up, I recommend that you close your eyes again and go back to imagining yourself in that future state where you feel fully at peace, aligned, and that wildly harmonious, “yes!”

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Solstice blessings, peace, harmony and empowerment to you.

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