Me + My Beliefs

Welcome to this space. My name is Malumir. I am a Torontonian, public policy and program professional, certified and registered Reiki Master, personal alchemy coach and professional Tarot reader.

I’m not here to tell you your future.

But I can help you to master who you are so you can be equipped for any potential future.

Because only you can create, influence and craft your future. You can’t control everything, but you can make conscious choices and step into your power in every facet of your life.

What I believe

I believe:

  1. Everyone has the ability to access immense psychological and spiritual resources.
  2. Every person can heal spiritual trauma and be empowered in any situation.
  3. People are composed of four elements, including their spiritual, emotional, mental and material patterns.
  4. There is a variety of contemporary and ancient tools and practices people can combine to bring all their elements into alignment (personal alchemy).
  5. In offering clear, practical and genuine guidance to those who are committed to living consciously.

My own life and beliefs have changed dramatically in recent years, based on my own experience in harnessing the power and connectedness of key conscious and spiritual tools.

Being openminded and having the courage to brave new waters has led me on an evolutionary journey. This journey has seen the expansion of my beliefs and the transformation of my life – physically, personally, psychologically and professionally.

Why I created this space

That’s why I’ve created Acorn + Burdock. To support people who are genuinely ready to challenge themselves to grow. I’m here to help guide others who have been where I was:

  • Stuck in fear, but wanting to live free of fear.
  • Not feeling remotely powerful, but willing to put in effort to step into healed power.
  • Having come from a specific set of beliefs (which we all have, whether religious or not) but sensing it’s not the whole story and willing to keep an open mind.
  • Not having tapped into the full suite of spiritual abilities and personal resources available, but willing to undertake efforts to learn and develop them.

In my journey I have been doggedly determined to grow through my experiences, and have learned a great deal of fundamental realities, tools and frameworks along the way.

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