All The Fresh (Yet All Too Familiar??) Feels

It’s a New Moon this weekend! Which means the opportunity for a fresh start.

And yet, have you ever noticed how sometimes we get stuck on repeat?

Here’s a Tarot spread that I created just for these types of situations. If you DON’T have cards, you can also totally **use these as journaling prompts or meditation questions**. I created them to be inclusive regardless!

Pisces New Moon Tarot Spread/Journaling Prompts February 2020 Created by Malumir Logan of Acorn + Burdock

1) The area of my life where I wish I felt more personally empowered.

2) How life would look different if I felt more resilient in this area of my life.

3) What strengths + abilities support my resilience in this area of my life.

4) How I will transform this area of my life in this Pisces moon phase.

5) What I now notice is useful in helping me be more resilient.

Enjoy this. And take full advantage of the opportunities to forge resilience in the face of those familiar cycles that no longer serve you.

Blessings and empowerment.

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