All The Other Stuff? You Don’t Need To Do Moon Rituals If You Love Tarot

Recently, I was chatting with a friend about Tarot. We got talking about all the other stuff that lots of folks assume that people who like Tarot are into. But you can totally do non-spiritual Tarot.

One example my friend and I were chatting about is how lots of people like both Tarot and following the cycles of the moon (like me!). 

Does that mean that everyone who likes Tarot follows the moon? Nope! And does it mean that everyone who follows the moon uses Tarot? Definitely not (there are many religious, cultural and spiritual practices that observe the moon).

Same thing goes for lots of other practices. Astrology, sacred smoke energy setting, crystals, meditation, Wheel of the Year, and so on. Just because you are interested in Tarot does not mean you need to do any other things as part of your interaction with Tarot.

Of course you can do any and all of the other practices that resonate with you. And I always encourage people to have fun and play with various experiences to find out what resonates for you

Personally, I have a very eclectic spiritual practice that I have developed over the years. I have studied Tarot deeply for years, and continue to learn always! It all combines to make it fully my practice and brings so much meaning, insight and fulfillment to me. 

There are plenty of folks who don’t have a spiritual practice at all who enjoy Tarot for its intuitive and psychological benefits. And that’s okay! In fact, that’s wonderful.

However you choose to engage with Tarot and all the other stuff (or not) – don’t ever let anyone (including yourself!) try to make you feel bad or lesser than for it. 

Your practice is your practice, and it’s a journey. So you may shift and adjust in ways that do serve you as years go by. 

And let’s all support each other in respecting and uplifting ways in which we each choose to access the deep wisdom of the Tarot.

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