An Inclusive Mother’s Day for You (Tarot Spread and Journaling Prompts)

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Mother’s Day can be a day of celebration to some, and a painful experience for others.

So I have created a way for you to make this day fully yours in an inclusive and uplifting way. No matter what your experience has been with mothering, and no matter how you experience Mother’s Day.

That’s why I created this Tarot spread which double as journaling prompts. 

How to use these

If you don’t have cards

If you don’t have cards, you can still totally participate. All you need is a journal (or journaling app) and something to write with. Optional and totally lovely is a mug of your favourite tea or coffee!

If you do have cards

If you have cards (Tarot or other kinds of affirmation/oracle decks), you can use them! I do also suggest still journaling your spread though, because you’ll get way more out of it.

In either case

If you’re not sure how to journal or if it feels daunting, check out this how-to I’ve written that will help.

The questions/spread

The questions have been written in a way that is supportive, inclusive AND empowering. Below are the questions, written out, and some notes on the questions.

Inclusive Mother’s Day Tarot Spread + Journaling Prompts by Malumir R Logan of Acorn + Burdock

The questions, written out:

1) where have I experienced truly loving “mothering” in my life, even if it wasn’t in my own family, or even from another person?

[Note: no matter what your life experience with mothering has been, notice where and how else in your life you’ve experienced nourishment, compassion, care, or whatever else you think “mothering” is really supposed to be – you have experienced it somewhere, even if it wasn’t in your own family]

2) how can I nourish the feelings arising in my soul today and allow them to be heard?

[Note: I encourage you to sit with how you feel and listen to all parts of yourself that need to be heard. Allow yourself to just keep writing it all out into your journal if you find it supportive. You are beautiful and strong and so loved, even if it wasn’t by this central figure who was ‘supposed to’. You are so loved. And allow that message to sink into your soul]

Whether Mother’s Day is a celebration for you, or if it’s complicated, or if it’s just plain awful for you, know that you are loved and supported and you can engage with Mother’s Day in an inclusive and empowering way.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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