An Update On Reclaiming My Art Creation

A month ago, I shared the story on the blog (and in a video) about how my art was taken from me by a traumatic childhood moment, and how I had only remembered this spring that I stopped drawing after that. I also shared that I had decided this spring to reclaim my art.

An update

As part of getting back into creating art, I decided to follow a DTIYS (draw this in your style) “Mayshroom” drawing challenge hosted by fellow indie deck creator Sam Guay.┬áThe idea was to draw a different mushroom every day to help get me back into drawing.

Initially, the idea of following this year’s Mayshroom weekly DTIYS prompts felt far too daunting, so I followed the prompts from a couple years ago. Those prompts had a daily variety of mushrooms to draw.

I did that for about three weeks, and then decided I wanted to push myself and try out the weekly challenge where I looked at a prompt created by another artist and drew something similar in my own style. And then I did the last week using the weekly prompt as well.

The play continues

It feels good to be back to making art. I’m going to keep playing, and see where this goes and what I learn and encounter along the way!

Folks have left such kind messages along the way as I shared these in my stories and a couple in my feed on social media. It’s been so encouraging as I’ve undertaken something that has, honestly, felt pretty scary. I will keep playing and keep sharing my journey with you! And I hope this encourages you to reclaim something that you may need to remember is something that brings you joy.

Watch a video of my drawings

Here is a compilation of my drawings from this past month! I started with paper and pencil, and then switched to Procreate on an iPad.

Video compilation of my May 2021 drawings to get me back into making art after I stopped following a traumatic childhood experience.

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