Announcing Some Changes (But They’re Good, Promise!)

I want to be transparent with you.

With all the changes we’re all going through together for the next while, many people’s situations have changed. 

My blog posts – and really, my entire modus operandi – are centred on helping people heal themselves and step into their power. 

Because I have unwavering belief in the capacity of all of us to find and remember the abilities and strengths that may seem hidden, but that we all have.

I have held onto this belief and blogged about how to help yourself access and build on these for nearly two years. 

And I’ve heard from you that it makes a difference. That it’s been useful and that it’s helping you.

Now we find ourselves in a dramatically new reality. Many folks have been impacted by economic hardship and uncertainty due to COVID-19.

At the same time, that uncertainty and anxiety is JUST the time when people have also been wanting more hands-on support from me. 

I had to think long and hard about this. 

On one hand, as a small business owner, I pour immense value into everyone who is open to receiving it. 

Through my regular blog posts, meditation guides, how-tos, Tarot reading videos, and other freebies on the site. I have continued to believe in encouraging, offering perspective, and uplifting everyone who will let me.

On the other hand, many people’s circumstances have changed financially. Which is also creating anxiety and stress, which is increasing the need and desire for guidance and support.

Having thought it through, I’ve made some changes to what I offer by way of paid services and downloads.


However, I encourage you to keep reading to understand how I’ve done this.

For those who prefer to navigate their journeys in their own headspace, I have created TWO NEW things. 

1) Several empowering and soothing guided meditation audio downloads with high quality background music

2) A workbook series called Resilient AF: How To Feel Better In A Crisis. The first workbook is now available, and is a four-week, beautiful and substantial workbook that will help you find your feet. 

For those who have been really wanting the guidance of a Tarot reading and coaching.

I have created a temporary special rate and length structure for Tarot readings and coaching.

This means I am offering a temporary discount on my hourly rate, and I’m also for the time being offering shorter sessions to make the guidance you need more affordable. 

If you want some help managing your energy

I have offered shorter Distance Reiki sessions for the time being, to make it more affordable to help you get your energy flowing again.

You can find these resources, pricing and new information on the website as always. Just look for the Feel Better During Crisis tab under Work With Me.

I want to be transparent with you.

I don’t take discounts lightly.

My readings and coaching offer significant value that reflects my substantial experience and investments. And I believe in small business owners actually charging what they’re worth. That’s why my regular rates are what they are. 

For additional context, 15-minute Tarot readings and coaching sessions from an energetic perspective end up concentrating the energy of a longer session into shorter time.

It’s like trying to fit a king-size duvet into a small carry-on. Doable, but you have to sit on the top just to get the zipper closed! 

So it actually requires more time and energy to provide a short reading. 

And yet

I recognize that we’re finding ourselves in extraordinary circumstances and the whole reason I’m in this business is that I want to help people find their footing.

With this temporary adjustment in my offerings and pricing models, I hope you’ll find something that suits your needs and newly uncertain financial situation.

Let’s all continue to choose again and bring our mindset to a positive, grateful and resilient place as we navigate these uncharted waters together. 

As always, I am open to hearing from you about the services and products that can best support you in your journey.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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