Are There Bad Cards In Tarot?

This comes up a lot. But are there any bad cards in Tarot? People pull cards like the Devil card, Knight of Swords, 10 of swords – and panic because they think it’s automatically a negative message. Has this ever happened to you?

Just like how people will pull cards like the Sun card, 10 of cups, or 4 of wands an automatically assume it’s a positive message.

If that’s how you’ve read for years, then sure, the Universe will bring up those cards for you to relay those meanings.

But here’s the thing

Here’s the thing though.

Each and every Tarot card is an entire universe unto itself. Each card is filled with many stories and other aspects like archetype, numerology, Qabalistic meaning, elemental and planetary meanings, colours, symbols, and the list goes on.

To minimize any card into a flat meaning is to lose the richness of perspective that Tarot can offer you. 

Instead, I always encourage folks to study Tarot and gain some familiarity with the much broader movies of meaning that Tarot cards contain. If you begin to understand the various systems that Tarot aspects fit within, you’ll start to see the whole picture of Tarot coming together.

Dive into the stories of Tarot

There are lots of great books on Tarot. I encourage you to do a web or elibrary search. And there are also awesome courses out there. Some examples of online Tarot courses you can check out include The Tarot School by Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone (I’m a huge fan of these folks and their work); the Hermit’s Lamp; Liz Worth’s Tarot School; Inner Goddess Tarot; and The Rock Store, to name just a couple options. 

Regardless of which resources you access, I encourage you to check out all sorts of resources to build up your Tarot knowledge over time. When you combine a solid foundation of knowledge with intuitive insights, your readings will become increasingly powerful.

And the biggest bonus is that you’ll know how to interpret any and every card that comes your way, without any panic. 

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Blessings and empowerment to you.

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