Are You More Like A Unicorn Smoothie Than You Thought?

A big congratulations to the dozen folks who went on quite the internal journey to tap into their deep wealth of resources this past week! For five days, we journeyed together on the Personal Alchemy Challenge.

We tapped into our intuition every morning with the Tarot insights, we met on Facebook and Instagram for live guided meditations, and those who couldn’t make the live videos caught up on their meditations and workbooks later. And let’s not forget about the distance Reiki that helped us to get started on Monday and reach a strong finish on Friday.

But even for people who are naturally introspective, taking on a challenge like this is significant. So a big kudos to each and every one of you.

Several people have been asking me if I’ll run the challenge again. I’ve heard there were people who wanted to participate, but didn’t think they’d have the time to honestly dedicate themselves to it this week.

So if you were on the fence or whose schedules were just too packed this week, yes, I will run it again in the near future.

What about the unicorn smoothies?

Why am I going on about the challenge when the title talks about unicorn smoothies? Because some early feedback I’ve heard is that people absolutely loved the mix of modalities used to support their process.

For those who have read my blog for awhile, you know I’m a big believer in combining various ways of thinking and practice.

There is so much power in combining complementary practices and tools to create an outcome that is as unique and nuanced as you are.


Think of it like a growth mindset power smoothie!

If you think about it, it makes sense. When you’re making one of those gorgeous, multicoloured superfood unicorn smoothies that are all the rage right now, you’re not just eating one thing without doing anything to it.

And fine, maybe you don’t make unicorn smoothies or even like smoothies. Then think about your favourite food.

In fact, just take a moment, close your eyes and imagine your very favourite food in the whole world. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


Got it? Now really notice it. All the details. How it looks, how it smells, that amazing mouthfeel.


So what is it?  Is it made of just one ingredient? Is it eaten just as is?

Super delicious = combination of ingredients + treatment

Unless your absolute favourite food in the entire world is produce (and hey, no judgment if it is! I enjoy berries too), the answer is likely that the food is a combination. That is, it’s likely a combination of component ingredients and treatment such as heat, cooling, mixing, blending, and so on.

Even a steak – or tofu steak, as the case may be – isn’t just one ingredient. It’s been treated with some olive oil or tamari, salt and pepper, and then it’s been seared. And isn’t a steak/tofu steak better with sides?

Now that everyone reading this is good and hungry – wasn’t actually my intention, and now as I’m writing this, so am I – the point is that the most delicious, delightful food is typically a combination of things.

Humans are also a combo deal

And we as humans are also a combination of things. We’re not just lumps of mostly water walking around. We’re made up of our material, tangible selves. Our emotional selves. Of course our mental selves. And our spiritual selves.

Even for those who aren’t sure they believe in the spiritual, we know from modern science that all matter is energy. And we also know from modern science that most of the space in an atom is empty space.

Yes. Empty space. So everything that we think is hard and solid is actually mostly nothing.

Now there’s some food for thought.

Coming back to our unicorn smoothie metaphor, the point is that we’re all multilayered, and we are nuanced because of that. Which is beautiful and complex.

Supercomputer brains connect the layers through patterns

We form patterns in and between each of those core elements of ourselves. And I’m not just talking metaphysical patterns, here. Our brains are immensely powerful supercomputers, and our minds are the facilitator and creator of all our patterns.

Whether we consciously realize it, we are constantly running set patterns in our minds. I’ve discussed that before in reference to brain plasticity.

While running patterns is an amazing function of our brains that allows us to continue to survive another day, that function creates another outcome.

That outcome is that it feels challenging to explore ourselves deeply.

Our existing mental, emotional, material and spiritual patterns have created the lives we’re living now.

Doing anything that examines or potentially changes those patterns can feel uncomfortable, because it’s not efficient to change an established pattern.

Just because something isn’t efficient doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile, though. And just because something is uncomfortable or challenging doesn’t mean it’s not valuable to pursue, either.


Coming full circle, if you’re someone who resonates with the content of this blog, it’s likely that you recognize just how much of a unicorn smoothie you are. Or whatever other delicious food metaphor you prefer!

You likely also recognize that somewhere within yourself, you trust yourself enough to have an open mind.

That takes courage. Which, if you’ve read this far, you clearly exercise.

So kudos to you, and I encourage you to keep exploring and keep pursuing your highest self and your deepest wisdom.

And if at some point in your journey, you feel you could benefit from some coaching to bring all these patterns into alignment, then reach out to me and let’s see how we can work together.

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