Aren’t You Afraid Your Spirituality Will Affect Your Career?

People have asked me both directly and indirectly, “aren’t you afraid that being open about being spiritual/into Tarot/a medium will affect your career?”

Short answer

The short answer is no, I’m not. Because finding a good fit in any workplace goes both ways, and anyone who isn’t interested in my very strong performance and track record simply because I’m openly spiritual, isn’t someone I want to work for.

Behind the short answer

You know what? I get it. The fear and worry that being open or authentic will negatively impact your career. And I have zero judgement for folks who still find themselves in that place. Definitely had to wrestle with a lot of this myself a few years ago.

As I’ve mentioned, in addition to all the self-healing and empowerment content I create here, and Chakra Healing Tarot deck that I’ve created, I also work a fulltime job in public policy. 

I have been working for more years than I have not been working, and I’ve worked over a decade in public policy, which I care a lot about. 

I used to be so fearful

When I began to reconnect with the full spectrum of my spiritual abilities years ago, I was so fearful. As the years went on, and I continued to pursue and reveal my healing within, I wanted to start sharing about my journey, so that perhaps some of my experiences could help or inspire someone else in their healing journey.

But there was this fear that in sharing, it might affect my career. So many “what ifs”.

What if:

  • People thought I was weak because I shared about my traumatic upbringing?
  • Someone would be uncomfortable with my openness about my traumatic past, and somehow that would impact my career?
  • Prospective employers thought I wasn’t competent or capable, because I’m into spirituality (and spirituality has been labelled as dangerous or frivolous or silly or crazy for a number of historical and patriarchal and colonial reasons)?

As the years went on and my journey graduated from healing wounds to also stepping into my power, I came to realize that it actually doesn’t matter what people in my field might think.

Wreckless? No. Strategic. 

I am a people leader, and I have led numerous teams in various capacities for years. I have spent a lot of time with a broad range of senior leadership. And what I know as someone who is a leader who reports to executive leadership is that there is merit to “filtering out” people that you might report to.

Sounds backwards? It’s not. 

Who you report to can make or break your experience. These days, I am very discerning and wise about where I choose to work.

And here’s what I know from my experience as a leader.

  • I want the people on my team to be their whole selves and to know that who they are is welcome on my team. It thrills me that each of the folks on my team has such different interests, lives, endeavours, experiences – both at and outside of work. It is absolutely beautiful to me. 
  • And what I also know? From a purely work perspective, their performance in what and how they deliver on their responsibilities is the thing that matters on the work front. 
    • They could be a mountain climber, musician, side hustle solopreneur in an unrelated field, psychic, whatever. That’s just part of what makes their life full. As long as they’re reliable and they do good work and deliver on their responsibilities with diligence, that’s what matters in the workplace.

So at the end of the day, I’m always authentic and truly my Self in the workplace and out. Any workplace that isn’t interested in my performance or extremely productive track record simply because I’m also very spiritual? Not somewhere I’d want to work anyway. 

Speaking of which, the Chakra Healing Tarot deck I created is available for preorder! If you love Tarot or are Tarot-curious, you might love it. Chakra Healing Tarot is created by Malumir R. Logan. Art by E.C. Mazur.

You can read more blog posts about empowerment over here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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