Avoid Burnout: Directing Your Energy This Fall

Here in Canada it’s autumn now. The air is getting crisper, the leaves are changing colours, and the pumpkin reigns supreme! I pulled a card from Chakra Healing Tarot to see what we all most need to be reminded of at this point in the changing season, and pulled the Four of Swords (related to the heart chakra). 

Four of Swords card from Chakra Healing Tarot, available now.

This card reminds us that as much as we may have been putting in effort into an endeavour for a number of months, we can’t only strive all the time. There is so much benefit in pausing, assessing from a heart-centered space, resting and allowing ourselves the space to notice which areas in our lives need our concentrated effort and attention.

It won’t be all the areas of life.

If you think you need your utmost attention to all areas in your life right now, take another pause or do some freewriting to help you narrow it down a bit to where you can most effectively use your energy and attention, so you avoid burnout.

Hope this helps you! Chakra Healing Tarot is available now. And you can find lots of other empowerment content here and Tarot content here

Blessings and empowerment to you. 

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