Benebell Wen Did A Review Of Cat Aura Tarot!

Wow! One of my sheros wrote a FULL and thoughtful review about Cat Aura Tarot!!

The venerable Benebell Wen, who is a well-regarded author herself, had very nice things to say about the guidebook, too!

That’s actually the second time a respected author has given really positive feedback on my books. The immaculate Theresa Reid also emphasized how much she thinks of my guidebooks (including for Chakra Healing Tarot! You can find that quick reaction video here; starts at about 40 minutes)!

To read the full deck review by Benebell, you can find it here on her website:

Cat Aura Tarot deck is on its side to show the light blue holographic edging, and the box and guidebook are shown resting on a wooden surface near the cards. A glass lotus-shaped candle holder is also in the scene.
Image from Benebell Wen’s Review of Cat Aura Tarot

Thanks to everyone for all the love for Cat Aura Tarot!!!

You can find out more about the deck at

And hey, if you love podcasts, check out my growing list of guest appearances:

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