Blood Moon Tarot Spread

In time for this week’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon), here is an empowering Tarot spread for you!

The energy is prime to reveal what has been obscured, to surface what you need to acknowledge coming out of that, and how you can build on all that to bless yourself and others. 

You can use this as a Tarot (or other deck!) spread, or as journaling prompts. In either case, I always recommend doing journaling with your card readings, as you’ll get so much more of out it!

Feel free to share this post, but remember to credit me as the creator.

Blood Moon Tarot Spread created for you by Malumir R. Logan of

Here are the questions, typed out. 

  1. Obscured: What I need to acknowledge
  2. Surfacing: Now that I know, what I can do differently
  3. Expansive: How I will bless both myself and others as a result

If you’re on social media, be sure to tag me if you use this spread! It makes me feel so happy to see the spreads I create being used!

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