Bright Fire and Light: Shining on You this Beltane

Today is Beltane! What is it and what does it mean?

It’s a traditional Gaelic festival that happens at the midway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice! It’s a time to build momentum for your passions and craft creative endeavours!

You know I follow the energy of these cycles of nature, and is it ever impactful to do so!

And so here is a Tarot spread to contribute to building you up and shining a light on what gives you life.

How to use these

As usual, this empowering set of questions is structured to be inclusive of you. All of you. So it’s BOTH a Tarot spread AND journaling prompts. 

If you have Tarot/other cards

Have and like some Tarot or other cards? Great! I recommend grabbing a journal to jot down your insights as you work through the spread, because you’ll get the most empowerment and insights.

If you don’t have cards

No cards? No problem! You can still make full use of these empowering questions. That’s because I’ve created them to also be journaling prompts!

Just grab a journal and something to write with. I do recommend using an actual journal and pen if you can as again you’ll get the best insights and connection to your hidden depths of power.

In either case

If you’re not sure how to journal or if it feels daunting, check out this how-to I’ve written that will help.

The spread/questions

Here’s the spread/questions. I’ve typed out the questions below the image for those who prefer reading text instead of images.

Beltane Tarot Spread by Malumir R. Logan of Acorn + Burdock. Copyright 2020

The questions, typed out: 

  1. I experience small flutters of passion and energy within my self when I…
  2. Ways I have nurtured and grown my experience of passion recently
  3. Things that minimize or deplete my vital energy away from me
  4. Ways that I can spark greater passion in my daily life
  5. How I can allow those depleting ways to be transformed into inspiration

Enjoy these!

And if you would like a reading with me, you can book a special rate reading here or find out more here.

Do tag me if you use the spread/journaling!

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