But What Are Your REALLY Releasing?

Have you been feeling it the past few days? That’s okay, many folks have. Here is an empowering journaling Tarot spread to help you with release that may be happening below the surface during the New Moon Eclipse.

Ending chapters let you move to the new chapter

The release that the current energy supports can affect us in a couple of ways. Have the choice to fight letting go of something that is no longer serving us, or we can acknowledge that every chapter of a story has a beginning and an end, and that ending chapters create the opportunity for the next part of the story.

Here’s a spread I created to help you with that, and to help you go a bit deeper. As always, you don’t need a deck to use this spread if you don’t have one (you can use the card positions as journaling prompts). And you don’t need to use Chakra Healing Tarot either – you can use whichever deck you like!

Regardless I always recommend journaling so that you don’t miss out on all the wisdom that needs a bit of time and journaling reflection to be drawn out of where it’s hanging out in your mind, right?

The spread and journaling prompts

Release Spread created by acornandburdock.ca – All rights reserved.
  1. What I am releasing that no longer serves me
  2. What I am releasing beneath the surface
  3. How I can actively support these releases
  4. The new chapter that waits for me on the other side of these releases

Here is an example of how to lay out the cards. See? They’re laid out just like the spread above.

The deck used in the photo is Chakra Healing Tarot created by Malumir R. Logan

Please remember to share this post with others you think might enjoy it, and bookmark it so you can find it again the next time you are doing release work. 

In case you’re wondering, Chakra Healing Tarot is available here.

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Blessings and empowerment to you.

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