Cat Aura Tarot and Chakra Healing Tarot made by real people!

In the past year in particular, there has been a proliferation of Tarot decks that have been created using generative AI (artificial intelligence). Generative AI has popped up in many industries, but it’s something that is on the minds of many Tarot lovers. So for anyone who is wondering, let me be really clear: Cat Aura Tarot (and Chakra Healing Tarot that came before it) has been created by real, live people! So in case you’re wondering, no AI has been used to create either of these decks. Specifically, there’s a very iterative process that takes place between myself and E.C. Mazur, the incredible artist who agreed to work with me again to create the art for Cat Aura Tarot. 

How is the art created for Cat Aura Tarot and Chakra Healing Tarot?

Text in the image reads: Step 1: Concept options based on written description: The first step in the creation of the art for the card is the concept art. These are intended as rough sketches based on the written description. Either one of the concepts is chosen, or a combination of elements from multiple concepts. Here’s an example: the Lovers! Description: VI Lovers: It is evening in a glowing outdoor place in the temple ruins where the magical, softly hanging trees form an arch over a bridge in the background. Two cats are snuggled and nestled in together, side by side with their heads toward us, tails away from us. The cat on the right has closed eyes. The cat on the left looks up toward a bird that is perched on a tree or column to the right. The bird peers back at the cat. Orbs glow deep purple and yellow. There are three rough concept sketches of different options for placement and position of the elements contained in the written card description.

As you can see, the first step is for Ella to create three rough sketches called Concepts that offer different ways of reflecting the description I wrote for the card. This example shows the Concepts Ella created based on the description I wrote for the Lovers card.

When I’m looking at the Concept options from Ella, I always review my written description and any notes or references I made for myself, and I always do a gut check to make sure that my selection or feedback aligns the card with my original vision. 

Text reads: Step 2: Draft outline based on approved concept: The next step in the creation of the art for the card is the outline based on the approved concept option or combination of concepts. Image shows one of the rough sketches "Selected concept option" followed by the "Card outline"

Most of the time, there is a specific Concept that works perfectly for my vision of the card. Sometimes, I ask Ella to combine elements from two or three of the Concepts. Based on the feedback I share, Ella then creates the outline for the art.

For the Lovers card, I selected this particular Concept without any combination of elements from the other two Concepts. 

Text reads: Step 3: Draft coloured-in card + any revisions: Then, the next step in the creation of the art for the card is to colour in the outline based on the written description, and incorporate any revisions where needed. Image shows the "Draft outline" that the artist created and I approved, then coloured in as the "Coloured-in card"

Finally, the scrumptious part! Once I provide Ella with the go-ahead on the outline, she then colours in the outline, bringing the card to life!

Which reminds me – may I introduce you to the Lovers card! The Lovers card shows two lovely cats snuggled up with a magical sky above and trees behind them. This card is not only about romantic love.

A Tarot card mockup of the Lovers card from Cat Aura Tarot is displayed on a marble-like surface with two pink tulips to the left of the card. Text reads: Cat Aura Tarot: Coming soon, Cat Aura Tarot created by Malumir R. Logan. Art by E.C. Mazur. Draft mockup - final art may be adjusted.

The Lovers also asks us where our attention is, and reminds us that we always have a choice about what and who we’re paying attention to, and what we do based on what we notice. 

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