Chakra Healing Tarot – Introductory Spread!

For all of you folks receiving your copy of Chakra Healing Tarot, here is a spread I created for you to use to introduce yourself to your new deck! This spread will help you get to know each other, and give you some initial insights to get you started on your relationship in working with this deck and your chakras!


First, give the deck a really good shuffle. I created the deck with cardstock that works great for riffle shuffling for those who love that! So go ahead and give it a really good shuffle. 

  • Pull a card for each of the first three positions (positions 1 – 3). 
  • Next, divide your deck up like this: separate the majors and set them aside. Then, separate the minors by chakra. There should be 8 little piles, all facedown: 1 pile of majors, 7 piles of minors.
  • Pull one card from each of the minor piles so that each chakra position has a card from the pile related to that chakra (positions 4 – 10). So pull a card from the Root chakra pile and put it on the Root chakra position, and so forth.
  • Finally, pull a card from the majors pile and put it on the important chakra relationship position (position 11). Remember, the majors cards in Chakra Healing Tarot have more than one chakra on them to show you where there is an important relationship between multiple chakras in your energy body!
Chakra Healing Tarot Introductory New Deck Spread created for you by Acorn + Burdock

I always recommend doing Tarot journaling and journaling about each of the cards! You can jot down your first impressions, insights, your thoughts based on the content in the guidebook and the keywords or phrases that stood out to you.

Remember to tag the deck on Instagram at @chakra.healing.tarot and @malumir.logan if you use this spread! It is filling my heart with so much joy to be seeing this gentle deck in action!!!!! If you’re just discovering Chakra Healing Tarot now, it’s available to order here!

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