Climbing The Mountain, Unseen

All our technological advancements, yet we’re still recoiling from a plague and there’s a social revolution taking place because of a legacy of systemic racism, violence and unfettered apathy.

This time is a stark reminder that we must be committed to doing the right thing. Even when it feels really hard and really uncertain.

Building and living with character matters now more than ever. 

That requires a growth mindset of us. 

I’ve seen stern language…

Recently I’ve seen stern language here and there that now is not the time for white people to focus on their growth. That white people need to take action instead of making this about themselves.

100% agreed this is not the time for non-BIPOC folks to make this about themselves. 100% agreed this is the time for action.

Where I do see a need for growth is for the endurance, commitment and character that is needed for the long road ahead. As many have said, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

The good news

The good news is that practicing quality character, having endurance and remaining committed are all skills that can be learned.

If someone has never climbed a steep incline, suddenly climbing a really tall mountain is going to be genuinely hard. If you haven’t trained for the distance, the change of oxygen, or the physical, mental and emotional fatigue, it’s going to be genuinely difficult.

Yet we must all climb this mountain.  


Commitment to keep climbing no matter what, to build the stamina and focus to keep going. Even if no one is cheering by the wayside. Even if no one seems to be taking notice.

That takes character. And it can be learned.

The opportunity to build up that stamina in shorter stretches over time has actually passed. Now we just have to push through, even when it’s hard, when it’s uncomfortable, and when it’s outright painful.

As a society, we can and we simply must. 

So while you’re taking action in whichever domains you have privilege and power, notice the opportunities to push yourself a little further than you did yesterday, a little more than you did last week.

Acorn + Burdock

To build that endurance and demonstrate that character. 

Even if no one else seems to be looking.

The Universe notices. So does the collective consciousness. It takes each one of us; your choices and actions really do contribute to the broader experience. 

For those with experience building character, I suspect you know exactly what I mean when I say that the more you dedicate yourself to contributing in meaningful ways and growing your character and spirit, the more the Universe will send you what you need along the way.

It’s time now.

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