Combo Deal: This Week’s Full Moon

Today’s post is a Full Moon Tarot spread (doubles as journaling prompts) for this September 2020 Pisces Full Moon.

Usually, the Full Moon feels like it has a bit of a “kick” to it. But this month, with the energies of this Full Moon (and the approaching Mars Retrograde – YES, another retrograde), the Full Moon this week will feel more reflective, introspective, or even moody. 

Why? Because putting all these pieces together, it’s likely that we’ve all been repressing some emotions.

Whether you’re an empath who usually lets yourself feel whatever you need, or an empath who tries to disconnect from your emotions out of self-preservation, it means you have likely been feeling extra fatigued lately as that repressed emotion sucks up your energy. 

The spread/journaling prompts.

Here is a Tarot spread to help with that! We’re inclusive here, so you can also use the questions just as journaling prompts if you don’t have cards. If you do have cards, you can use any kind of deck of your choosing.

I strongly suggest journaling your responses even if you do use cards. You’ll get so much more out of it that way.

Please remember to tag me on social media if you use this spread! It makes me so happy to see these in action! And do share this with others who would appreciate it!

September 2020 Full Moon in Pisces Full Moon Tarot Spread and Journaling Prompts by Malumir Logan of

The questions

Here are the questions, typed out if it’s easier for you: 

  1. What emotions have I been ignoring or repressing?
  2. How can I let those emotions release in a healthy way?
  3. The sign that will signal I have transformed these emotions

Please remember to give me credit if you share this spread. These take a great deal of time to create! Thank you.

Read about working with lunar cycles here, and you can find lots more great content like this over here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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