Daily Energy Protection

You’ve heard me talk about daily energy work I do to keep my energy in a high quality place. I’ve received a question about how YOU can do this, so here it is! This post covers 3 options of daily energy protection for empaths – and they’re perfect for beginners.

There are SO many ways you can set and safeguard your energy, though, and I encourage you to branch out and explore other ways of working with your own energy.

Because it is YOUR own energy.

You get to use and work with your energy in ways that is a good fit for you.

Often, empaths have been told they don’t have the rights to their own feelings and experiences.

You DO have every right to your emotions and experiences. And working to set and safeguard your energy every day will help you to step with more confidence into your daily life, and recover better at the end of the day.

Options for daily energy protection

Here are three options. As mentioned, there are so many ways out there, but I have chosen three options that are suitable for beginners. Feel free to play around, mix and match, and explore further. 

1. Infinity Light

  • Get comfortable + settle into some comfortable breathing.
  • Then imagine, or see, or feel, a sparkly, beautiful light (I suggest sparkly white or gold light, but any rainbow coloured sparkly light works well too!).
  • Imagine, see, or feel that you are sending the sparkly light up from your chest, up through the top of your head, continuing to send that light all the way up into space among the stars.
  • Then that beautiful light comes all the way back down through the atmosphere to you, back through the top of your head, down through your chest, and continues down through the base of your pelvis.
  • It continues down into the floor beneath you, making its way down into the earth (even if it has to get through multiple floors and concrete – this light can go anywhere!).
  • Imagine, see or feel the light going all the way to the earth’s core, then making its way all the way back up to the surface of the earth and then back to the base of your pelvis, and back to your chest.
  • The light has made an infinity (or figure 8) shape between you, the stars, and the earth. Do this at least 8 times.

If this option resonates with you, I suggest doing it at the start of your day, and at the end of your day. Seriously – if you do this for a week, you WILL start to feel and notice a difference, and I would love to hear about it if you do!

2. Shower Clearing

  • This is a great one for the end of the day. Get into the shower and set the intention that you are clearing away any energy that is not yours (which is often a cause of empath anxiety).
  • You don’t need to do anything fancy to set this intention, you can just think in your mind, “It is my will that all energy that is not mine is cleared away and sent to a place of healing.”
  • Then as you shower like normal, imagine the water is gently capturing and washing away all the energy that isn’t yours.

You could easily combine this with either of the other options.

3. 30-Day Connection

I’ve shared this before – this was created by Rachel Stavis and I know it’s helped a lot of people! You can see her post on that here, or you can see my previous post on making it even more accessible.

  • The idea is that you get comfortable and ask God(dess)/Universe/Spirit (whoever feels safe and good to you) to fill your body and clear out any low frequency energy.
  • You may feel a sensation or you may not – it’s working either way!
  • And then spend a couple minutes in gratitude for their help, and in gratitude for other good things in your life.
  • Repeat each day for 30 days.

If the idea of asking Deity into your body freaks you out, I talk about that in greater detail in this previous post and here’s how you’ll make the option totally safe and safe-feeling for you!

Keep exploring and let me know how it goes! Remember that regardless of which method you use, to do it every day (even if it’s just for 2 or 3 minutes). The consistency is important for keeping your energy in a healthy place!

You can find some other options over here and here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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