Dark Moon Retrospective (Tarot Spread and Journaling Prompts)

We have collectively experienced some significant external energy that has been pushing us to shift and grow this moon cycle.

This will have shown up in different ways for you, depending on how you responded to this influx.

The Dark Moon begins today

That means it’s the last three days of this moon cycle. 

The Dark Moon is the time for introspection, reflection and rest.

Especially right now – last week three planets went into retrograde, which brings us to four planets in retrograde right now (or five depending on your astrological school). 

In any case, that’s a lot to face. And we are all facing a lot right now. 

To support you, I’ve created this Tarot spread which doubles as journaling prompts to help you integrate everything useful that you’ve done and noticed in this moon cycle.

Even if you weren’t consciously aware of it at the time.

How to use these

If you don’t have cards

If you don’t have cards, you can still totally participate. All you need is a journal (or journaling app) and something to write with. I also always suggest a mug or glass of a soothing beverage to stay hydrated.

If you do have cards

If you have cards (Tarot or other kinds of affirmation/oracle decks), you can use them! I do also suggest still journaling your spread though, because you’ll get way more out of it.

In either case

If you’re not sure how to journal or if it feels daunting, check out this how-to I’ve written that will help.

The questions/spread

The questions as always have been written in a way that is supportive, inclusive AND empowering. Below the visual spread are the questions, written out if that’s easier for you.

May 2020 Dark Moon Tarot Spread + Journaling Prompts by Malumir R Logan of Acorn + Burdock

The questions:

  • New Moon Retrospective: how I have most effectively kept myself grounded
  • Full Moon Retrospective: situations where I have most noticed my emotional resilience 
  • Dark Moon Introspective: something tangible I can do to honour this month’s hardest moments

Enjoy this! If you use these, please remember to tag me, and share with a friend who might enjoy it.

When you’re ready to go deeper, you can download this workbook I created to help you to be Resilient AF. You can find out more about the workbook here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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