December New Moon Solar Eclipse: Gifts You Haven’t Noticed?

This December 14, 2020, is the New Moon (give or take, depending on where you are). This New Moon is also the Solar Eclipse. Big energy! There is a lot of other big energy happening this December also, so now is the perfect time to do some journaling, reflection, and sling some cards to make the most of it.

Why does the New Moon matter?

I have previously written about New Moons are the start of new cycles. And it’s very likely that you have been benefitting from gifts or good things that have been coming into your life lately.

You may just not have noticed, and that’s okay! This year has been a lot for many people.

So here is your opportunity to take a pause and notice the good things that HAVE been coming into your life. It is also perfect energy to align yourself with the big shifts taking place to open yourself up to bring things into your life that matter to you.

How to use this

As always, we are inclusive here.

  • If you have cards, great! Use them! I love Tarot, but you can use any tool you prefer or have on hand.
  • If you don’t have cards, that’s just fine! You can use these as intuitive journaling prompts. Trust that you will connect with the answers you need, and check out this how-to if you’re not so sure.

Please do tag me on social media if you use this spread/journaling prompts! It always truly makes my day to see what I have created is helping people. Certainly, you can share this image, just remember to credit me as the creator.

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December 2020 New Moon Solar Eclipse Manifestation Tarot Spread and Journaling Prompts by

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Blessings and empowerment to you.

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