Did You Smell That? Being Open To Messages From Beyond

As you’ve seen if you’ve scrolled through previous posts, my relationship with my ancestors means a lot to me. I have regular practices that both honour them and allow me to build my relationship with them. They mean so much to me. Let’s talk about staying open to receiving messages from beyond.

As a reminder, or in case you’re new to following me, in my experience as a medium, people are always people – it’s only a matter of whether we are physical or what I call “post-physical”.

Here’s what happened

There was a day last weekend when I was processing a lot mentally, emotionally, energetically – pandemic-related, career, business, family health deterioration, social inequity. So much stuff. 

Even after doing all the spiritual, tangible, emotional and intellectual things I do to keep myself in a strong and healthy place, my heart still ached with the uncertainty, which is natural. 

In the evening, I stepped out onto the balcony because the sky looked magical.

The sky often does that – it beckons me with its beauty.

When I stepped outside, I immediately smelled an aroma that was incredibly familiar, and I was transported in my mind back to Hong Kong. We used to visit my family there for several weeks every year. 

This is not a normal aroma

Let’s be clear. This aroma doesn’t happen where I live. The flora and fauna in my neighbourhood just never smell like they did in the beautiful, heavily treed area of the Old Hong Kong area of Hong Kong. And yet, here I stood, smelling this aroma, my mind washed in memories of a place I haven’t seen in 25 years. 

And that’s when I knew. My ancestors were reassuring me. They were wrapping me in their arms and offering me their love, support and reassurance. 

All this is to say

Are you allowing space for your loving ancestors to reassure you?

When you smell that familiar aroma, are you allowing yourself to receive the love that’s being offered to you?

The next time you hear a song, smell an aroma, or have another experience that reminds you of passed loved ones, allow yourself just to accept their love. Because that’s what they’re offering in that moment.

While I no longer offer mediumship services, if you have lost someone, you can find my advice over here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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