Do You Feel Like You Can Be Authentic?

Do you feel like you can be authentic?

Although most folks agree it’s a great idea to show up authentically, if we’re honest with ourselves..this can be a fraught question, particularly in these economic times.

There. I said it.

And that angst can be further compounded for folks who are othered in any way.

I’ve been asked to be a guest on a podcast focused on authenticity (yeay!). When the host was working to book the interview date with me she asked what living authentically means to me and what it looks like for me now..

I’m really excited to go onto the podcast to share stories of my journey to authenticity.

Like many of us, I have encountered many situations that have challenged my relationship with authenticity and safety.

Perhaps you can relate.

But it got me thinking about all the layers that go into whether and in what contexts it’s possible to be authentic..

..which also leads to the question of how to even DO authenticity if lived experience has made it clear that it’s not safe for you to be yourself.

Stay tuned and once the podcast is recorded and out in the world this spring, I’ll be happy to share the details here.. the meantime, if you feel open and safe to do so, I would really value hearing from you about what you feel prevents you from feeling like you can be authentic.

I will read every message.

For your comfort and psychological safety, you can reach out in my LinkedIn DMs to share. And don’t worry, I will not give any attribution to anything you share with me in confidence. (It should go without saying, but please do be respectful, I have zero tolerance for hateful messages).

May you have moments of peace within today.

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