Do You Notice the Signs?

One morning this long weekend I got out for a bike ride because the weather forecast had called for a risk of storms later in the day. It was a lovely bike ride. The morning and afternoon were sunny, warm and welcoming. It seemed like a perfect, sunny summer day.

What happened

Mid-afternoon, a pre-rain/storm headache suddenly came on. It was still sunny and glorious outside.

Looking around at the small piece of the world that is my location, I could have assumed it was just a “random” headache. I could have doubted all my previous experience and my physical sensations in that moment that told me of the approaching storm.

It sounds ridiculous to think I would have doubted it. And yet, isn’t that something we’ve all done countless times? How frequently do we discount information we receive externally and from within?

Multi-layered situations, always

However, in the journey of my physical experience and finding my physical health and strength, and in my long spiritual and emotional empowerment journey, I have learned never to discount myself.

It doesn’t mean I’ll be right 100 percent of the time, and neither will you. That’s okay! Situations are always multi-layered, and if we are not fully aligned we can sometimes overemphasize one layer over another. 

But what I have learned is to always listen when something emerges for me.

Wisdom, insights, and knowing emerge for a reason. Sometimes the reason is just that you need to pay more attention to something you’ve been ignoring. Other times the reason is that you need to take action. 

Again, I really want you to trust yourself

This comes back to trusting yourself, that you’ll show up for you. That you’ll listen to yourself and rebuild a relationship with yourself. No matter what you’ve been through (and have all of us empaths ever been through a lot!!), you can learn to trust yourself again. 

I believe in your ability to do that. You may not always know what the whole trek will entail, but all your really need to do is notice the pointers leading you to your next step

By the way – it did storm. Pretty spectacularly. If you want to see the super cool photos and a video of the storm front as it rolled in, check them out here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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