Dream Interpretation Tarot Spread And Journaling (For Neptune Retrograde)

As we enter a time when Neptune is in retrograde, you may notice that you have more dreams, or more dreams that you remember over that transition period. So I’ve created this Tarot spread to help you interpret what a dream means to you, in an empowering way.

As with any spread I create, you can use a Tarot deck or any kind of deck you prefer. Or, if you don’t have/use cards, you can also use the spread positions as journaling prompts instead.

In either case, I do recommend journaling your reactions, thoughts and intuitive observations. You’ll be surprised at how much more insight you gain into your reflection when you do! If you’re not sure how to do journaling, check out this full how-to on this.

Please do feel free to share this post with others, just be sure to credit me as the creator.

The deck pictured further below is Chakra Healing Tarot that I created (art by E.C. Mazur). This beautiful deck is currently available for preorder

Neptune Retrograde Tarot Spread for Dream Interpretation created for you by acornandburdock.ca

Questions and photo example of the spread

Without further ado, here are the questions, typed out!

  1. Theme of the dream
  2. What each symbol from the dream represents (pull one card or write one sentence for each character/item/place that sticks out to you in the dream)
  3. Why the message of this dream is important for you in the coming weeks
  4. How you can apply the wisdom from your dream to your waking life

Important note: pull a card (or if you don’t have cards, write one sentence) for EACH symbol that stands out to you in the dream. So you can see in the photo below that I pulled SEVEN cards in total: 1 for the theme, 4 for the key symbols in my dream, 1 for why the message is important for me, and 1 for how I can apply the wisdom.

Example of the spread in action, with a card pulled for each of the 4 key symbols in the dream I am reflecting on

Enjoy this! You can find more empowering Tarot-related content over here. And be sure to check out the Chakra Healing Tarot preorder that you can access over here.

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