Eclipse Season Tarot and Change

Eclipse season is upon us, and the energy of this month’s New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse carries some BIG change-related energy. These changes can feel very intense – truly surprising, even. It can feel like a lot, but it can also allow things that have been stuck to get “unstuck”.

In today’s post, I share a Tarot spread to help you navigate this initial change at the start of April 2022 Eclipse season!

The spread

Like all of the spreads I create here, they are super inclusive:

If you have Tarot cards, feel free to use them! If you love to combine multiple decks in spreads like I do, go for it!

If you prefer other kinds of cards, or other intuitive tools, use them!

And even if you simply prefer to sit peacefully with your journal and a cup of tea, you can absolutely use these as journaling prompts for the April New Moon in Taurus.

New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread created by

The questions

In case it’s easier for you to read this way, here are the questions, typed out:

  1. Theme of the sudden change this time will provide
  2. How it may feel emotionally
  3. How it may feel mentally
  4. How it may feel physically
  5. How it may feel spiritually
  6. Tangible action 1 that I can take to benefit from the changes
  7. Tangible action 2 that I can take to benefit from the changes
  8. Tangible blessing I will receive in navigating this change
  9. Internal/spiritual blessing I will receive in navigating this change

I hope you love this spread and that it helps you navigate the major changes during this month’s New Moon Eclipse! If you enjoyed this post, you can find lots more like it over here on the blog.

And if you love Tarot, self-healing or chakras, I bet you’ll love this lovely indie Tarot deck I created (Chakra Healing Tarot)!

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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