Equinox Tarot Spread for Spring or Autumn

That goal that you have that you want to materialize this season? This Equinox Tarot spread I created will help you.

The Equinox is all about evenness of day and night.

Whether it’s the Spring for you in the Northern Hemisphere or Autumn for you in the Southern Hemisphere, I have created this Equinox spread to help you reflect on what you need from two sides of an equation to bring something great into your life. Also, recognize the background I used? I created that art recently and shared it over at @malumir.logan.

What needs to be brought into harmony

The equinox is perfect for this kind of reflection because it reminds us of the need to find harmony between two aspects of issues in our lives. Reduce something and increase something else. Seek support from outside of yourself and support yourself from within.

The Equinox spread

Equinox Tarot Spread and art created by acornandburdock.ca

The questions

The questions (which you can also use as journaling prompts if you don’t have cards) are:

  1. Goal that I intend to materialize this Spring/Autumn (actively select this card).
  2. What needs to be reduced.
  3. What needs to be increased.
  4. Support I will receive from outside myself.
  5. Support I will lovingly provide to myself.
  6. How I will know that I have reached my goal.

Please remember to share this and tag me on social media (Instagram or Facebook) if you use the spread! I love seeing these spreads I create in action, helping folks.

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Blessings and empowerment to you.

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