Fantasies vs. Dreams

(Plus a Tarot Spread and Journaling Prompts)

What’s the difference between fantasy and dreaming?

Dreams and why they are important

You can have dreams when you’re asleep. In some cultures and spiritual practices, dreams are considered more real and authentic than our waking, limited physical lives. 

Dreams you have when you’re awake – when you think about the life you want – those are SUCH an important signal to you. About you. About what you really want.

Dreams in any form are a reflection of what’s really going on for you, or what really matters to you (depending on the dream).

Fantasies are different.

Let’s be clear – I’m not talking about the fantasy genre (which can be both fantasy and dreaming). I’m talking about when we fantasize in our heads.

About a person, an item, a lifestyle.

Fantasies seem like a pleasant thought that on the surface may appear like a dream (something we want).

But the core difference is that fantasies don’t pull you closer to yourself. They’re a temporary escape that actually pulls you further away from your Self.

What does this mean?

Fantasies are an escape. But dreams show you what really matters.

Acorn + Burdock

As you think about your dreams (or fantasies), ask yourself whether:

  • thinking about it is helping you get clarity on what you want
  • it’s helping you explore yourself
  • you’re learning more about yourself

If the answer is yes to those questions, then that’s a dream that can help you to become even more aligned with your Self. 

If those options didn’t quite feel right, ask yourself whether:

  • it’s something you turn to repeatedly when you’re feeling miserable
  • there’s any unhealthy dependency
  • you’re not becoming more clear on who you are
  • you’re not growing or changing anything as a result

If the answer to these is yes, then that’s likely a fantasy that is only pulling you away from your Self.

The opportunity to grow your dreams and release your fantasies

Tomorrow (June 23, 2020), Neptune goes retrograde (yes, another planet in retrograde!).

Neptune is all about dreams but it’s also about fantasy.

Neptune retrograde will provide us the opportunity to question our fantasies. We’ll have the opportunity to take off those rose-coloured glasses and see things for how they are.

Which is beautiful, because that allows more space to pursue what we really want.

Empowering Tarot spread (doubles as journaling prompts)

You know I’m all about the empowerment, so here is a Tarot spread (doubles as journaling prompts!) to support you. Please do TAG ME on social media if you use the spread/prompts! I absolutely love to see these in action. 

If you’re not ready to use this spread yet, BOOKMARK THIS as you’ll have time between now and November to explore this topic.

Neptune Retrograde Tarot Spread + Journaling Prompts created by Malumir R. Logan of Acorn + Burdock

The Questions

Here are the questions, typed out if easier for you.

  1. Area of my life where I have been wearing rose-coloured glasses
  2. How this has been affecting my dreams and desires
  3. What I need to acknowledge now
  4. Short-term outcome of releasing this illusion
  5. Long-term outcome of releasing this illusion

Enjoy this and do check out the free Empowering Tarot Worksheet that I created for you.

Not sure about Tarot? Check out this post (Part 1 and then Part 2) on common questions about Tarot.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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