Feel-Good December Tarot Spread

No matter what you do or don’t celebrate in late December. Whether it’s a lovely time, a tough time, some combination thereof, or ambivalent. I have created this spread as a feel-good, uplifting and empowering spread!

You can use ANY deck you have. It can be Tarot, oracle or any other kind of deck (or other system, for that matter) that you prefer.

If you don’t have divination tools or want to do just journaling

If you don’t have any cards, you can use these as journaling prompts.

If that’s what you’re going to do, I suggest setting your timer for 3 minutes and breathing slowly and intentionally, imagining you’re swimming in brightly coloured light (any brightly coloured light you like!). And then once the timer goes, turn your attention to the prompts and just start writing without any pauses!

But remember, even if you do have cards, journaling is still important

If you DO have cards, I suggest you still do journaling, because you truly will get so much more out of your practice that way.

You can check out this other blog post I’ve written on how to do freewriting to help with your journaling.

Enjoy this! 

The spread

Here is the spread. Remember to credit me as the creator if you share it.

Feel-Good December Tarot Spread created by acornandburdock.ca – all rights reservedhttps://instagram.com/malumir.logan

The questions

The questions, typed out (you can do them in any order):

  • something I can do to show love to my body
  • a caring message I am ready to share with others
  • a fun, uplifting activity I can enjoy this week
  • the inner gift that awaits me this week
  • message for me from a loving ancestor

Remember to tag me on social media if you use this spread! I love seeing these spreads in action!!!

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