Feel Scattered? Depleted? This Will Help.

Just because we’re staying in one place (like while we all stay at home during COVID-19), doesn’t mean we’re not scattering or otherwise depleting our energy unhelpfully.

As mentioned in this previous post from a few days ago, we’re winding down the current moon cycle. Which means it’s time to let go of what is not serving you anymore.

The energy of these last three days of this moon cycle is all about examining how you’ve been scattering or depleting your energy in a way that’s not actually working for you. 

Here’s a Tarot spread and/or journaling prompts to support you in this self-reflection. You can find more spreads/prompts I’ve created by scrolling through the Tarot category.

How to use these

As always, I’ve created these questions using all my training and experience to ensure they are empowering for you and help you tap into all your hidden healed power.

I’ve also as always, ensured these are inclusive, so that you can use these whether or not you use/like/have Tarot or other cards.

If you don’t have/like/use Tarot (or other) cards

No cards? No problem. Just grab a journal and pen (and a favourite tasty beverage is also recommended!).

If you do have cards

Even if you DO use Tarot or other cards, I absolutely recommend journaling when you do your spread. You’ll get so much more empowering insights.

In either case, remember to go with your first instincts and JUST START WRITING! You have so much more insight, wisdom and power than you even realize. If you’re not sure how to just start writing, I have instructions on freewriting here.

Curious about Tarot but not quite sure how it works or what it’s about? I’ve written a couple of articles on that here and here.

Acorn + Burdock

The spread/questions

Here is the spread/questions! See below the photo for typed out questions if you prefer reading text instead of photo.

April 2020 Dark Moon Tarot Spread by Malumir Logan of Acorn + Burdock

The questions, typed out:

  1. How I’ve been scattering or depleting my energy
  2. Where I most yearn to focus my energy
  3. One tangible thing I can do to transform the depletion into nourishment

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We’re all going through a lot together so let’s spread the love and wisdom.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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