Filtering for Energy-Sensitive and Spiritually-Gifted People

Someone recently asked me for advice, because they were so distracted by spiritual/energetic stuff going on around them, that they were struggling to stay present an a moment that had significant physical-world value to them.

Many of my posts to date have been about how to develop your innate intuitive ability that has been stifled or otherwise underdeveloped. In those, I’ve shared a number of tools for enhancing your intuition and spiritual gifts. Maybe you started doing the work of noticing your intuitive flashes, and now you get intuitive insights all the time, even when you’re not overtly trying to do so.

This post is for folks who have already been working on developing their intuition or are otherwise easily impacted by others’ energy, and are noticing the energetic or spiritual world around them frequently as they go about their days.

If this isn’t you and/or if you’re someone who still isn’t sure what you think about intuitive ability or a non-physical world around us, I encourage you read the post with an open mind anyway, as you may still be able to gain useful-to-you wisdom you can apply in your own life within a different context.

Boundaries are important

First of all, if you are actively working to develop your spiritual sights, they will develop and you will begin noticing the world that many others have forgotten how to see.

You may notice people’s energy, whether you physically feel it, emotionally experience it, or visually see it in your mind’s eye or with your physical eyes. If you have natural mediumship abilities, you may begin to sense post-physical people.

All of these things are completely normal and expected if you are working on developing your spiritual and energetic abilities. But that doesn’t mean they need to take over your day (or night, for that matter).

I’ve previously talked about the importance of setting healthy boundaries, and shared a tool to help you draw those boundaries for yourself. Setting healthy boundaries in your physical world is no different from setting boundaries in your emotional or financial world.

Right? It’s the same thing. A boundary is a boundary. There is also no difference between setting healthy boundaries in your physical/emotional/financial world and setting healthy boundaries in your spiritual and energetic world.

You may have heard the saying that “we’re spirits have a human existence.” It is completely reasonable and appropriate to both develop your spiritual gifts and be that “spirit having a human experience”, being fully present in the physical world when you want to be.

The ability to remain present in any situation at all serves you well in life no matter what. In this particular context, it’s important to not only know your boundary of being able to experience the physical world when you want, and then to access spiritual or energetic knowing when you want. That is personal mastery.

Mental focus and discipline

None of us is a victim to thoughts, senses, choices, emotions, or experiences occurring within us, unless there is a genuine mental health issue or other specific disorder involved (and if there is, you should seek appropriate help for yourself. No excuses either way, though—I say this with love and without judgement. Be compassionate and firm with yourself. I’ve become an expert at the compassionate and firm approach and it has served me exponentially).

We all have the ability to develop the “muscles” of our minds, by developing new neurological pathways. The more we do something—anything—in life, the more entrenched the neurological pathways become in our brains. This is why changing habits can be a real challenge.

It’s also why it’s completely possible to make changes in your life. You can create new pathways in your own brain, simply by repeating something.

Developing mental discipline is the second, and just as important part of the equation of managing your experiences spiritually and energetically as you develop your abilities.

When you have developed your mental “muscle” you’ll have the ability to self-manage your boundaries. You’ll be able to remain fully grounded and focused on your task at hand.

This actually isn’t as painful or as dreary as it sounds. All you have to do is start or increase your concentrative meditation. Check out this other post for some ideas on concentrative meditation. I suggest incorporating concentrative meditation into small slices of your day when you’re doing something else that you’d have to do anyway, and that doesn’t require your full concentration.

That way, you don’t actually need to carve out any additional time. This will help you to outsmart any of your previous tendencies to procrastinate. In the steps I’ll provide some ideas to get you started.

How do I create an empowered, choice-based filter?

Step 1: Decide what your healthy boundaries are in terms of experiencing the physical world and the spiritual and energetic world.

For example, you may decide that when you’re at your workplace, you’re primarily in the physical world, but can decide to “tune in” to energetic or spiritual insight when you choose to. You may decide that when you’re around like-minded friends who are also developing their abilities, that you will be open to experiencing everything that is going on spiritually and/or energetically around you.

Regardless, know that you have the right and the ability to set boundaries in the spiritual and energetic world. And you can modify those boundaries whenever and however you want. It is fully your choice.

Step 2: Incorporate small slices of concentrative meditation into your daily routine to build your mental muscle.

I suggest using any kind of mindfulness practice, and doing it as you do something else that doesn’t require your concentration.

Choose a mindfulness/concentrative practice, such as what your breath feels like as it streams past the back of your throat; how your feet feel in your socks/shoes; on your belly extending and drawing in as you breathe.

Then make it a mindful movement practice by doing it while you do something you have to do anyway.

  • For example, if you have a short walk every day to the transit stop, do your concentrative foot-feeling practice while you’re walking (obviously remain aware of your surroundings. You can do both).
  • Or, if you are waiting in line at the coffee shop or grocery store, do your concentrative belly-focused practice.

I also have some suggestions for concentrative practice while you’re doing chores or eating in this other post

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate concentrative practice into your day, find a way that works for you and do it in those small bursts throughout the day (even if it’s just a couple minutes here and there).

Bonus points for you: Do 30 day homework to bring yourself into a higher vibrational place. 

If you do the 30-day homework, you’ll be in a more solid, healthy-powerful place.

This will support all of your development goals, and will also make sure that you’re coming from a place of good energy and spiritual mojo.


I am not being compensated to reference this resource.

  • Self-Healing with Breathwork by Jack Angelo

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