Free Resources

I’m all about empowerment, so below I have provided some free resources to support your journey. I also have hundreds of blog posts that you can explore here!

A note about free resources:

I have chosen to provide these specific resources (and other resources that you’ll find around the website, and occasional promotional resources) for free. As the service provider, that is a choice I have made.

As you can see from the investments I have made in myself, I have poured a great deal of energy (time, effort, finances) into the skills I offer. Just like any other service provider, and just like any other industry.

Just as you would never walk into a salon and request a free haircut, be mindful of respecting ALL service providers and the prices they have set for those services.

My rates are clearly stated for each of my services. However, my services are currently on hold at this time. I hope you enjoy the resources below!

The free resources

How to do freewriting: An immensely powerful tool

How To Do Freewriting

Empowering Tarot worksheet: You don’t need to know Tarot or have a Tarot deck to use it!

Empowering Tarot Worksheet
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