Giving Thanks?

Is blood really thicker than water? And even if it is, is that relevant?

This is a holiday weekend here, and those are frequently fraught with relationship dynamics, loss, grief, trauma or drama.

So here’s what to do.

Give yourself and/or your fam the space you need to truly care for yourself/selves.

If that means you step outdoors for a breath when you need, or you say no, or you insist on being outdoors, or you eat on your own and make a lovely self-love evening to yourself, or you leave early, or you nod your head and respond by heading back home immediately, or you just don’t go, or you say what’s on your mind, or you simply say you’re not able to be there and deflect any reactions, or you show up and play nice and leave as soon as is reasonable – THEN DO IT.

Put yourself and you wellbeing first. You can’t breathe out without breathing in just as equally.

It’ll look different for everyone. 

Just listen to YOU.

You’re the one living with your choices. So do you, and remember the rest is often just noise.

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