Go Inward To Shine Outward – Hermit Card (Video)

Post-Halloween, we’re now in Mercury Retrograde, and the darkness each day continues to increase for the next several weeks. 

What to do when it feels like it’s all a bit much, and all up in your face in the next little while?

The Hermit card reminds us to choose to cut the time out for ourselves to go inward. To contemplate. To breathe. To connect to the universe/spirit/God. To connect with ourselves.

And then once we’ve done that, to go back into community and share what we’ve learned. Because we will learn, when we follow the example of the Hermit.

What will YOUR Hermit time look like? Meditation, breathing, walking, mindfulness, reading, journaling, yoga, etc. The list goes on!

Click here or below to watch the short video

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