Gratitude Challenge Debrief

Two weeks ago, we set off on an 11-day gratitude challenge. Missed it? No worries – check out the previous post here, and then head to Instagram to see how things went!

From racism, sexism, disability and grief/loss, to cranky customer service, sad memories and healthy boundaries. We covered a lot in only 11 days! 

Something to be clear about: as mentioned in my posts, I am NOT saying to repress or ignore unpleasant experiences or feelings. Repression or avoidance of any part of ourselves that is trying to get our attention isn’t healthy or effective. 

What these gratitude posts ARE about? 

They’re about three key things:


As mentioned in the previous post, gratitude is scientifically proven to increase happiness and reduce depression. In other words, gratitude helps you to feel good! Have you ever noticed that when you’re feeling good, other things in life seem to come a bit easier? A bit better?


You have choice about where your thoughts go. If you let your mind focus only on negative things, then life is going to be a lot harder! It’s important to realize that you have more choice than you may realize, and that you can choose to redirect your thoughts.


The best part of getting into the habit of experiencing something hard, and then redirecting your energy and focus in a way that DOES serve you, while also honouring how it affects you. 

Always with the lemons…

We all know that life can throw some really tough circumstances our way. It happens. And the people who come out the other side empowered, happy and satisfied are those who have developed resilience.

What doesn’t kill you won’t automatically make you stronger. It only makes you stronger if you actively direct your attention and decisions in those moments in ways that will serve you. That is resilience.

Although I shared 11 days of gratitude posts, I was simply sharing a simple snapshot each day of what I already do every day.

Because I want to inspire you to try it out for yourself and notice the difference in your life when you do.

As we head into 2020, where will you choose to focus your energy and thoughts?

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