Gratitude Harvest – Unexpected Blessings?

As we approach Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what we’re grateful for. And to notice the unexpected blessings we have received. This post shares a story of an unexpected blessing, and a Thanksgiving Tarot Spread! You can also use this gratitude Tarot spread as gratitude journaling prompts.

It was rainy

Actually, “rainy” is an understatement. It was 15 years ago, and I had taken a regional train from where I lived at the time, into the downtown core.

When I left my home that day, I had put on a light trench jacket as it was mid-spring and still cool. It was bright white with large, pastel yellow and pink flowers all over it.

The train pulled into the station, and as I walked out of the old downtown station into the city’s busy financial district, the sky unleashed a downpour. I had no umbrella, and no hood.

I stood there for a moment, calculating my options. Although I was in no rush that day, it wasn’t clear how long the rain would last.

As I stood there, a man who was also exiting the station stood next to me and pulled out an umbrella. I didn’t even notice him at first.

He spoke up, “Miss, where are you headed? I am headed up Bay Street. Would you like to share my umbrella?”

History check

Let’s pause this movie for a moment. This is 15 years ago, in the era before most people had smartphones. I had a flip phone as most others did. But there was no option to quickly check the weather forecast or radar.

Going back to our scene with the stranger offering to share his umbrella, I thanked him and said I would appreciate it.

Seems crazy, right?

Wait, which part are you thinking about?

The fact that I agreed to walk within a close space of a perfect stranger? Or the fact that a perfect stranger offered to share a resource and had the ability to hold a conversation in what many might have felt was an awkward situation?

We walked across the street together, under his umbrella. He commented on what a bright jacket I was wearing. I asked him about what he did for work. We exchanged conversation for the several minutes it took to reach Old City Hall where he worked in the court system.

Part of me thought this was all a ploy on his part to hit on me. But he didn’t. And then it stopped raining. He wished me all the best and we parted ways.

Unexpected blessings

There are so many ways I could have impeded the blessing that was offered me. I could have brushed him off out of fear for safety. Or discomfort from social interaction with a stranger.

In that moment, I allowed all my experience as a savvy woman and my observation of the environment to recognize that the risk was realistically low.

And that I was in public (and in those days, no one walked around staring at their phone), so if I needed assistance, I would be able to get it.

What unexpected blessings have you received this past year?

It’s been a year so far, to be sure. Again, it’s an understatement to say that it’s been “rainy”.

But where is the unexpected blessing in your life? I can guarantee that you have received an unexpected blessing or two. Take a moment to think now. Just let whatever memory that comes to mind play out.

There will always be things in your life that you can be grateful for. And then there are those unexpected nuggets that may not initially appear to be blessings.

Those unexpected blessings may require you to take a calculated risk. To use your experience and intelligence. And they do come to you, completely out of left field. They only require you to say “yes” to receive them.

Exploring gratitude

You don’t need to read a lot of my content to know that I love the wisdom of Tarot! Below is a Tarot spread I have created for you to explore both what you’re already grateful for, and unexpected blessings.

We’re inclusive here, so 1) you can use any cards, even if they’re not Tarot, and 2) if you don’t have cards, you can just use the questions as journaling prompts. And you can read this post if you want to journal but you’re not sure where to start.

Please feel free to share this spread, remembering to tag me as the creator. Enjoy it!

Gratitude Harvest Tarot Spread and Journaling Prompts created by Malumir Logan of

You can find more content on Tarot here, and browse through other empowering posts here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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