Had A Rough Journey Too? How I Learned To Trust My Intuition Again.

Like most empaths, my journey has often been a rough one. I bet you can relate. Today’s post talks a bit about my journey and how I learned to trust my intuition again.

In an increasingly complex world, empaths are so tuned in to the experiences and emotions of others and of self. In daily life, this can be powerful, because empaths can intuitively know things that others miss.

But when empaths experience a trauma (a major incident, or a seemingly small heartbreak) we can end up holding that trauma in our bodies. This usually happens unawares, and what is heartbreaking is how frequently we respond by disconnecting from our bodies.

As a Reiki Master, I’ve seen this SO frequently. But more personally, I have experienced this myself.

Early journey

Having survived a traumatic and unsafe upbringing, it has taken a long time to get back to where I originally was in terms of spiritual abilities. I suspect many of you have experienced this too.

When I was very young, I could see auras and the spiritual realm with my physical eyes. But with all the abuse and trauma, I had to limit these abilities to survive my circumstances. This is really common. It’s a natural survival instinct.

But it’s also not empowered to remain in a state of undeveloped spiritual ability! I believe that everyone has spiritual abilities, even if undeveloped.

How I reconnected to my intuition

How did I reconnect to my spiritual abilities? They never actually went away, they were just repressed. And I never gave up my connection to the Divine. My relationship with the Divine is what got me through my darkest hours.

I created an eclectic spiritual practice as an adult. Tarot was a key part of that healing process, and it helped me learn to trust myself and my intuition again.

And now, my passion for Tarot is a long-term, committed relationship! I firmly believe the complexity and universality of the Tarot system and its archetypes can help ANYONE find the insights they need.

So let this space be a place where your intuitive abilities are nurtured and celebrated! I believe in you and your abilities, and I hope that over time you will see it too, no matter what your story is.

I suggest playing with different modalities that appeal to you. Does a Tarot deck catch your eye? Have you got a pretty crystal you just love to hold? Have you been thinking of trying out a meditation app?

Do these nice things for yourself! I know it can feel like there’s a lot of fear, uncertainty and separation, but just start playing. Remember that it can just be play. Like it should have been when you were young. You still know how to play, so let yourself try out these experiences, and then follow whatever flows from that. After all, it’s a journey.

You are so powerful. Your Higher Self knows it, we just need to help connect you more closely to that part of your Self. You’ve got this.

If you’re interested in trying out meditation, I’ve written a couple blog posts here and here that walk you through your options and how to start meditating. There’s even a blog post here on how to meditate with crystals!

And if you like Tarot, you can find LOTS of content over here on Tarot. Currently I’m crowdfunding the Chakra Healing Tarot deck that I’ve been creating the past two years. You can find out more about that here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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