Halloween Tarot Reading! (Video)

Happy Halloween! Here is a Halloween Tarot reading video for you. The cards tell us how to take advantage of the thin veil this time of year!

Remember, you can find more content like this over here. And you should check out the Halloween Tarot spread (which you can use with other cards or even just as journaling prompts) I just posted over here!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Tarot Reading Video by Malumir Logan of acornandburdock.ca

Want to try out a light healing meditation to help heal yourself while the veil is so thin? Check out this post for a free beautiful, healing, and soothing meditation! I think you’ll love it.

You can also always check out these paid downloadable meditations with lovely, soothing music and fully guided meditations.

Blessings and empowerment to you during this immensely powerful and sacred time of year!

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