Halloween Tarot Spread When The Veil Is Thin

As the year turns, here is a Halloween Tarot spread I have created to help you do a bit of a check-in with yourself.

As the year turns toward its stillness and sacred darkness, this is the perfect season to do some reflection on the year so far, and how you can best make use of the next two months.

Those with beliefs that the “veil” between the physical and spiritual world is thin at this time of year tend to do some focused reflection around now, because it’s a particularly forthcoming time.

Even if you don’t observe Samhain and if Halloween is just about fun costumes and pumpkins, that’s totally okay and you can still get SO much value out of taking a pause now to reflect on the year so far and the remainder of the year ahead.

The spread

Let me know what you think of it! If you use the spread, please do tag me on social media. And please do also share this with others (perhaps you share the hyperlink, or tag friends or share it in your stories or posts on social media) as it might help them too. You may also want to bookmark this page so you can find it again!

Before you get started

Remember that, as always, even though I’ve created this as a Tarot spread, you can use any kind of deck or other divination or intuitive tools you prefer. Or, you can simply use these as journaling prompts if you prefer. In either case, I strongly recommend doing some journaling because you will truly get SO much more out of your reflection if you do.

Without further ado, here is the spread, and the questions are typed out below it if that’s easier for you.

Halloween check-in empowering Tarot spread on a Halloween-themed, festive background and card questions and numbers are typed below the image.
Halloween Tarot Spread for when the veil is thin, created by acornandburdock.ca

Here are the questions, typed out:

  1. Something significant in my story that I have achieved this past year
  2. Something I have been building toward throughout the year so far
  3. Something that will benefit me to complete in the next 2 months
  4. A loving, insightful and illuminating message through to me now
  5. A specific, tangible action I can take to serve my wellbeing this season

I hope this helps you. If you enjoyed this, check out all the other supportive Tarot spreads on the blog over here. And if you love Tarot, you might love the (very honest) indie Tarot deck I created – Chakra Healing Tarot! Check it out over here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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