Honestly, I’m Tired.

This isn’t a downer post. It’s simply honest.

This was an emotionally, professionally and intellectually tiring week, for many us, as the circumstances have developed so rapidly and we were all constantly scrambling to adapt.

Change and uncertainty are exhausting, even for really positive, uplifting people like myself.

Between the stress response, and the constant creation of new neurological pathways required to integrate new learning, and holding emotional space for my team professionally.

Perhaps some of this resonates with you.

It’s okay to be honest with how you’re doing.

Yes, we need to keep building a growth mindset and focused on how we want to feel. And simultaneously hold space and acknowledgement for this being a challenging time.

There is a lot to be grateful for.

So many amazing people working and putting themselves at risk in frontline essential and emergency services:

  • healthcare workers
  • grocery store and food preparation workers
  • essential retail workers
  • utility workers
  • delivery workers
  • manufacturing workers
  • shelter service workers
  • transit workers
  • government workers who are keeping vital services and relief packages moving.

During this time, whatever has been simmering beneath the surface will bubble up.

And so as we continue to choose again to bring our thoughts into a place that serves us, let’s also agree to be honest with each other on how we’re doing.

We’ll get through this together. Yes we can.

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