How Does the Moon Cycle Affect Us?

Imagine being able to float above the ocean, watching how the moon creates tidal force by its gravitational pull!

Of course we can’t actually see that taking place physically. But we can definitely see it around us, in our emotions and how we experience life energetically.

After all, humans are primarily made up of water. If the pull of the moon can affect a body of water as immense as the ocean, why on earth wouldn’t it affect a body of water like our own?

I’ve worked with the cycles of the moon for years now, and it’s been an incredible and powerful practice. 

This post looks at the moon phases and how to start working with the moon cycle.

New Moon

The cycle starts with the New Moon. This is a time of fresh starts and new energy. It’s the perfect time for setting a new intention.

The New Moon helps with external energy to help you with getting your intention going. 

Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon continues to “wax” (reflect increasing surface area) over the days following the New Moon.

This is the time to continue reminding yourself of your intention and making effort toward that intention.

First Quarter Moon

As the moon continues to wax, a week after the New Moon is the First Quarter Moon, when the energy is helping you gain momentum on your intention. 

It’s a great time to do energetic or spiritual work to amplify your intention.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

In the next few days from the First Quarter Moon (just over a week after the New Moon), the moon continues to wax toward the Full Moon.

At the time of the Waxing Gibbous Moon, the momentum is really gaining. At this point, three days prior to the Full Moon, things can feel intense. 

Full Moon

This leads us to the Full Moon, which occurs a couple weeks after the New Moon. The Full Moon brings out lots of stuff. It’s a time that amplifies whatever is already there. That’s why people often act up more on the Full Moon.

The intention work you’ve been doing will have gained lots of ground, and the Full Moon is the time to check in on how it’s going, and see what you should keep doing, and release what is not serving you. 

The Full Moon energy is felt in the three days leading up to, and following, the Full Moon.

Waning Gibbous Moon

The Moon then begins to wane (the surface area reflecting light decreases). The Waning Gibbous is often a period when we may feel more tired.

That is because we’re still feeling the Full Moon after-effects, plus now we’re in a time of diminishing energy.

Last Quarter Moon

This leads us to the Last Quarter Moon that takes place about a week after the Full Moon (which is about 3 weeks after the New Moon).

This is the time to actively let go of anything you’ve been hanging on to that is just not serving you. It’s the perfect time when the energy supports your release of these things. 

Waning Crescent Moon

In the days following the Last Quarter Moon is the Waning Crescent Moon. This is a really good time for introspection and for allowing yourself to really honour your needs.

In particular, it’s a really key time for continued release of what’s not serving you, so do lots of “letting go” work during this time.

Dark Moon

The Dark Moon is the last three days of the moon cycle. During this period, we can’t see the moon as the surface area being reflected is 3 percent or less.

This is a time when it’s common to feel really tired or like you just need some headspace. It’s a perfect time to start thinking about what your next intention will be!

Back to the New Moon

And then the New Moon comes around again, and the whole cycle begins again!

This is just a simple primer, but there are lots of ways to work with the moon energy! Particularly once you begin to add other layers of knowledge and practice to this cycle. 

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