How To Do Freewriting

It’s pretty common for me to include instructions to freewrite here on this blog and in workshops.

Frequently, I encourage readers or participants to do freewriting for a specific length of time.

Freewriting is an amazing tool for helping you to tap into the resources, knowledge and intuition you have buried deep inside.

And wouldn’t it be nice to have more frequent moments of AHA! Sometimes, our brains have been holding out on us. But now you can access ALL that brilliance with freewriting!

How to do freewriting

If you haven’t done freewriting before, this means you just start writing anything at all and don’t stop until the timer goes, not even for a moment.

If at any point you’re not sure how to start or what to write, just write that! “I have no idea what to write, but this blog said I should do it so blah blah blah…”

Soon enough, other words will come.

Just let WHATEVER words come up go onto paper, no matter what they are. Let them come up, let them flow.

Do I really need to do the freewriting? Can’t I just think it out in my head?

Instructions I provide in my exercises to do freewriting are important.

Writing things out gives us access to all sorts of amazing internal resources that we often haven’t noticed consciously.

So don’t skip this important step, or you’ll miss out on all the benefits!

I include instructions for freewriting when it’s the tool needed to help you tap into all the amazing awareness and resourcefulness you already have.

So make sure to follow the freewriting steps whenever you see them in the journaling instructions I provide!

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