How To Meditate With Tarot

Did you know? You can use Tarot for meditation! This post walks through how to meditate with Tarot cards.

There are SO many ways to meditate. In a previous post, I explained the two key types of meditation: 1) concentrative and 2) contemplative.

What is concentrative meditation?

Concentrative means that you are focusing on a specific thing: your breath, a candle, a mantra, a crystal, the sensation of prayer beads. These are just a few examples.

Concentrative meditation is wonderful for reducing anxiety and helping to train the brain so it doesn’t just run away with anxiety on its own all the time (sound familiar to any of the empaths here?).

What is contemplative meditation?

Contemplative means that you are engaging with your thoughts in some way during the meditation.

Visualization and Tarot meditation are wonderful ways to do contemplative meditation. Contemplative meditation is also an excellent option if you’re starting out and struggling a bit with concentrative meditation. 

How to meditate with Tarot

Meditating with Tarot is fun! Here’s an intro for trying it out.

Grab your favourite deck and select a card.

I suggest starting with a card that helps you feel happy, calm or optimistic! Or if you don’t have a deck, you can go to this post in my Instagram profile and swipe to find one of the cards that feels right for you (I gave you a few options so you can pick whichever resonates with you the most!)

Place it in front of you and then get comfy!

Take a couple of breaths down into your belly. If you let yourself sigh out the exhale, it’ll be even more relaxing.

Gently gaze at the card and then go visit the scene in the card

And then as you sit there, gently gaze at the card and notice all the details. Imagine you’re going to go visit the place shown on the card!

You can imagine you’re going to go to this lovely place in the card. And then, imagine that YOU’RE the figure or other object shown in the card!  

Notice how it feels to be in that place

As you imagine being the person or object in the card, what do you notice? How does it feel? What do you hear? What do you see?

Know that you’re always safe, and you’re the one in control. You can explore and take in the details of the lovely space you’re in in the card picture. And you can come back any time.

Return and journal

And then you can come all the way back to your body, take a couple of grounding breaths. I always suggest journaling after this experience so you can get even more out of it! 

Have you done Tarot meditation before? If you’re interested in how to set up a meditation practice, check out this other post I wrote just on that!

Also, if you’re not sure how to journal about your experience, I’ve written a how-to over here on how to do freewriting (also known as how to do automatic writing).

You can find lots of other Tarot-related blog posts here, and posts on all things empowering here. And remember that I’m creating the Chakra Healing Tarot that is crowdfunding in February 2021! Sign up for the newsletter so you never miss another update!

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