Is Manifestation Even A Thing? Part 2

Let’s cut to the chase. Do I believe in manifestation? Yes, with caveats. A continuation of the discussion in Part 1.

Neurologically speaking, what we spend our time and energy focusing on is what we find ourselves creating in our lives. Literally. That’s how our brains work. I’ve discussed it in previous posts.

What about the energy perspective, and whether or not “like attracts like”? I think that the more frequently we choose to be in a healthy energetic place, the more resilient we are when faced with unhealthy or “low frequency” energy.

Similar to the concept of Dr. Chapman’s “emotional love tank” (or a tank of gas in a car). As you go about your day (or drive around in a vehicle), your reserve of healthy energy (or gas/petrol) gets used. You have access to more at any time, and you need to be intentional about doing so. If you don’t, you get inundated by everyone else’s energy (or you run out of gas).

Factors of manifestation

Recently someone I know said that they had “manifested” a particular opportunity for themselves. It was a great opportunity and I was happy for them.

Do I believe it was energetic magic and they just waved a wand and got it? I don’t. I do think that:

  1. This person focused their mind sufficiently on wanting this opportunity, and that they genuinely, truly wanted it.
  2. There was no part of them that objected to it, either. Wanting something and having no objections to getting it are completely different, believe it or not.
  3. This individual is intentional about keeping their energy in a healthy, positive place most of the time.
  4. Finally, this person is in a general geographic and socio-economic place of privilege, and had sufficient training and experience that made this particular opportunity feasible.

Our brains are incredibly powerful. When we are in full alignment with what we truly want and we have no objections, the possibility to look for and create what we want is powerful. Being in a place of privilege also makes a difference.

Is privilege the only difference that matters?

Absolutely not. Privileged and less privileged, everyone has a brain and our brains can unlock incredible possibilities for us.

You may be familiar with Victor Frankl, author of A Man’s Search for Meaning, Frankl’s memoir of how he survived a concentration camp during the Holocaust.

Frankl said that “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” This was a learning of Frankl’s from his days in a concentration camp. Decidedly not a privileged position.

My point?

The brain can help us to notice opportunity where we’ve previously only seen limitation. It can allow us to notice new details about ourselves and our options that we’ve previously missed. If we know how to help it do that.

Malumir Logan, Acorn + Burdock

What does this mean for manifestation?

My opinion is that our mind, emotions and spirit play into manifestation. As do our material choices. In other words, our core elements.

Mental + emotional factors

Our neurology plays an incredibly significant role, as I’ve described above. Our emotions are inextricably linked to our thoughts.

I’ve discussed that in previous posts so I won’t repeat myself here. You should scroll through previous posts on this blog for more discussion on that.

Spiritual factors

Where the spiritual realm comes in, I believe is two-fold.

1.Self-selection sample

People who are open to spirituality, energy concepts and an unseen world around us are also people who are more likely to be open-minded in general. Open-minded people are more likely to see opportunity where others see limitation.

For the statisticians/finance folks among us, call it a self-selection sample. Of course not all spiritual people will be open-minded. Some people may identify as spiritual but really have a more legalistic perspective. But as a general rule, something to consider.

2.Spiritual guidance

People who are tapped into their spiritual connection have access to support and guidance from God/Spirit/Universe.

If they’re tapped into God/Spirit/Universe in a healthy, positive way (as I’ve described in previous posts), then they’re receiving loving information and indicating they want support.

Material factors

Let’s not forget that our physical world choices matter.

Although this may fly in the face of magical or spiritual thinking, common sense would suggest that our daily choices clearly matter. If our actions are misaligned with what we say we want, it’s not actually reasonable to expect something external to radically change for our benefit simply because we want it to.

If your physical world choices are aligned with what you say you want, great! You’re already creating a life that you want.

What if your choices don’t seem to line up with what you think or say you want?

That likely means there is some benefit you’re gaining from your choices. Even if they seem at odds with what you say you want. The question is whether there’s perhaps another way to achieve that same benefit, but in a way that’s aligned with what you want.

For example, someone who says they want to “get into shape” but doesn’t stick with a different eating or workout plan is benefitting from something about not taking those actions.

  • Maybe they derive comfort from certain foods.
  • Perhaps it feels safer to stick with the body shape they’ve gotten used to for years.
  • Or maybe strong emotions that they don’t know how to navigate arise when they start to lose fat.

So? What do you really want?

Really. What is that you want in life?

I encourage you to take a few minutes to do some thinking on that.

The April New Moon was just a couple days ago, so it’s the perfect time to be planting new seeds and thinking of new intentions.

If you’ve read this far, it’s clear that you’re committed to yourself.

So I encourage you take grab a pan and paper (or your memo/journaling app) and take a few minutes to free-write about what you want. Call it a dream, call it a wish, call it a goal. Just start writing. Do it for you.

I am regularly reminding people to get out there and search. To find what works for you. And to use your whole being – mind, body, emotions AND spirit, to create the life you want. If all of this resonates and you know you’re ready to make a change, reach out to me to discuss how I can support you in your journey.

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